LED workstation luminaires

LED workstation luminaires: ergonomic lighting at the workstation

The negative effect of psychological glare is often underestimated and has been shown to lead to increased fatigue, poorer well-being and ultimately reduced performance at work. With their built-in prismatic cover, our LED workstation luminaires comply with the UGR19 glare effect and thus ensure glare is strictly controlled and light focused on the work area.

To adjust the light individually to the needs of each employee, our LED workstation luminaires can be dimmed continuously and have a memory function. Made from a solid aluminium base body, our luminaires have integrated T-slots and are available in standard lengths, making them easy to install in standard assembly stations.

If you plan to use several LED workstation luminaires on long workbenches, the installation and wiring effort can be reduced thanks to their cascadability. With their photometric and mechanical properties, our workstation luminaires are particularly suitable for workstations and assembly stations, for quality control as well as laboratory and testing workstations.





Benefits to you

  • 400% more energy-efficient
  • Maintenance-free – no need to replace illuminants
  • Constant colour – high quality LEDs
  • No spotlights despite focus
  • 60,000 hours guaranteed service life
  • Strong luminosity for 9.6 years on average
  • 24 months warranty

Our range

  • With continuous dimming and eco mode, to suit your requirements
  • Can be flexibly mounted with slot nuts
  • Hazy covers for glare-free work
  • Glare effect UGR 19
  • also available as LED work luminaire with signal function



LED workstation luminaire of the APL series

With the LED workstation luminaire of the APL series, we are offering, for the first time, a simultaneously efficient and ergonomic luminaire with IP40 protection. Because at assembly stations, you need ergonomic light instead of increased splash protection. The acrylic glass pane with light-diffusing particles prevents multiple shadows and ensures fatigue-free working.

The series is available in different lengths from 850 to 3050mm. With a light colour of 5,700K and an M12 plug, we achieve optimal working light and a flexible connection.

This product family is made of high-quality anodised aluminium profile and has an ESD protection circuit. Like all our LED luminaires. The service life of the luminaire depends directly on thermal management within the luminaire. Here, too, the aluminium profile makes its contribution.




LED workplace luminaire APL

  • Workplace luminaire with front- and backpanel-installation (profile slot)
  • Lenghts from 400 – 3,000 mm mit 25.6 – 192 Watt
  • Bright with diffuse light cover and homogeneous light
  • Normal- und Eco-mode switchable in 5,700 K

CAD files for our LED workplace luminaires are currently only available on request. To get in touch with the right contact person, just click here. We look forward to your inquiry.



LED workplace luminaire of the APLN series

Due to their light-diffusing cover and with a glare effect of UGR19, the LED workstation luminaire of the APLN series provides highly homogeneous and glare-free light and thus supports ergonomics at the workstation.

With a 230 volt connection, the luminaire can be conveniently installed at manual workstations and is normally available in three different lengths. With IP40 protection, it is protected against the ingress of solid foreign bodies ≥ 1.0mm, thus ensuring that even after years no dust deposits inside the luminaire can negatively influence the light.

In order to adapt the light intensity to the ambient light and to be able to respond to the different needs of employees, such as during shift changes, the luminaire is continuously dimmable. The last dimmed state is restored with the aid of a memory function when the unit is switched on again after having been switched off. The APLN can be looped through by default, in order to use several luminaires.




LED workplace luminaire APLN

  • Bright with diffuse light cover and homogeneous light
  • Lenghts from 400 – 1.200 mm mit 25.0 – 75.0 Watt
  • 2914 lm – 8742 lm
  • Loop through
  • Connection type GST18
  • mounting with slot nut
  • aperture value UGR 19
  • stepless dimmable with memory button

Intelligent LED workstation luminaires

In the field of LED workstation luminaires, as well as in the field of LED signal luminaires and LED machine luminaires, developments in the field of intelligent lighting systems are also progressing steadily.

As an innovative manufacturer of LED industrial luminaires, we have also invested more and more development time in these systems in recent years.

This led to initial solutions in the field of intralogistics. Together with a leading manufacturer from this industry, we have developed the lighting system for an “intelligent fork”.

But other projects have also been added in recent years. Let us take you on a little journey and discover more examples of innovative solutions in the field of LED industrial luminaires in the following video.

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Would you like the entire overview summarized briefly?

Whether it is LED machine luminaires, LED workstation luminaires, LED signal luminaires or LED special solutions as modifications of existing products or completely new developments: find out more about our solutions in the field of machine lighting, workstation lighting or from the field of signal luminaires. We also supply adaptors, connection cables and extension cables. You can also find more information in our catalogue. You will also find answers to many questions about the technology of LED industrial luminaires in our detailed glossary.


This is what distinguishes us as a manufacturer of LED workstation luminaires

Produced in Germany

As a manufacturer of LED workstation luminaires, we have been producing our products in Germany for decades. Every workpiece is manually checked by us at our facility in Bielefeld. We personally carry out all tests such as heat and cold tests, IP and surge tests. This is how we ensure the highest quality for our customers. For maintenance-free LED industrial luminaires with a very long service life.

Customised consultation for your ergonomic lighting at the workstation

The right lighting at the workstation is very important for ergonomics. Higher concentration, lower error rates, greater satisfaction and better health are just some of the points that make the use of an LED workstation luminaire so important. Our experts will be happy to support you in selecting the right LED luminaire and collaborate with you to develop the optimum lighting solution for your application.

Fair prices to suit your requirements

An LED workstation luminaire at an industrial workplace must meet different requirements than a luminaire at a machine. That is why we offer a wide range of combination options – including material, illuminant, cover and design. The result: You will also receive an appropriate, fair price for a suitable luminaire.



Frequently asked questions about our LED workstation luminaires

What light is optimal for an industrial workplace?

For work at an industrial workplace, an Ra value of CRI > 80 is generally recommended. When choosing the right colour temperature, you should decide between warm white light (up to 3300 kelvin), neutral white light (up to 5000 kelvin) or cool white light (from 5000 Kelvin), depending on your specific applications. We will be happy to advise you on this topic and help you find the optimal lighting for your workstations.

What should the lighting at the workstation be like?

Under the new German Workplace Ordinance, care must be taken to ensure that the workstation is set up in such a way that employees do not suffer any damage to their health. This also includes having enough light. The guideline values for the lux number depend on the activity to be performed. We will be happy to advise you on finding the right lighting for your industrial workplace.

What are the most important requirements for lighting at the workstation?

It starts with uniform surface lighting. However, this is usually not sufficient for lighting at an industrial workplace, which is why the illuminance at the workstation itself should always be taken into account. Furthermore, it is important to avoid glare effects, which is why we always install a glare-free prismatic cover in our LED workstation luminaires. Last but not least, the positioning of the LED workstation luminaire should be chosen in such a way that the work process is not disturbed by shadows.

Are there special standards that have to be met for industrial workplaces?

All requirements for illuminating indoor workplaces can be found in DIN EN 12464-1:2011. If you need more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can your LED workstation luminaires be operated with 230 volts?

Our APLN series can be connected directly to the mains. This eliminates the need for further wiring and the use of an adaptor.

Do your LED workstation luminaires have a dimming function?

Our APLN is continuously dimmable. This allows you to adjust the brightness according to your individual requirements. In addition, this series has a memory function that allows you to save the last dimming level selected.

Can we loop through / cascade your LED work luminaires?

If you plan to use several LED workstation luminaires on long workbenches, the installation and wiring effort can be reduced thanks to their cascadability (loop-through capability).

Further questions about the technology of our LED workstation luminaires?

You will find answers to many other questions about the technology of our LED workstation luminaires in our detailed glossary.


Long performance

LED industrial luminaires have a very long service life. If the light intensity falls below 70 percent, the service life is considered to have expired. In 3-shift operation over five days per week, we guarantee a luminosity of over 70 % for 9.6 years. One reason for the long durability is our design: We work with aluminium core circuit boards. They conduct the heat into the environment via the luminaire housing. As a result, heat generation is significantly lower, which has a positive effect on durability.



Good colour rendering

For illumination at the workplace, you need good colour rendering and a uniform colour temperature. This prevents fatigue at the workstation. Our LED industrial luminaires reach a value of more than 80 percent in the colour fidelity index. The diodes are clustered in a CIE standard colour system, known as binning.


Flexible dimming

The APL series has an eco mode. This dims the illumination and still emits 30 percent of the luminous flux of normal operation. The APLN series can be dimmed continuously, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your requirements.


Catalogue of LED industrial luminaires

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