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Since international interdependence has also been steadily increasing in the world of drive and automation technology, we have made it our mission to be a reliable partner to our customers also in this regard.

Our production sites in Germany and Eastern Europe guarantee redundant production capacities that enable both manufacturing on a made-to-order basis as well as volume production. Due to different production strategies, we can ensure our competitiveness in regard to a wide variety of customer requirements. Cooperation with global logistics companies and our partners in Amerika and Asia guarantees high global availability of our products at all time.

We will be happy to have a personal conversation to discuss how a partnership with you as a manufacturer ca be shaped and what benefits we can offer in specific terms. We look forward to working with you.


Here you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Fitting together: Your wishes and our expertise

With some applications, it is possible to accommodate the power and encoder elements constructively into one cable for servo drive systems. Here, we have developed a whole range of special constructions for our customers. The advantage: connection and installation are quicker.

We are one of the first companies to develop an industrycompatible cable for this technology. We are market leaders in this area and produce several thousand cable assemblies with this technology each month.

We never stop getting better

All of our company processes are described in detail and followed by every individual in their day-to-day work. These processes are monitored, for example through the permanent comparison with performance indicators, the ‘four eyes’ (double-check) principle and a variety of technical functions such as automatic crimp force monitoring and inspection equipment monitoring.

We use suitable measures to counteract all imaginable risks that can damage the company in the long term. A rigorous dual supplier strategy, quality assurance agreements, superfluous resources and a wide customer structure are a solid basis for risk management

As well as having safety stocks, which are deterministically and stochastically calculated for all important raw materials, we also have long-term ongoing framework contracts with pre-suppliers. That way, we always receive our deliveries
within 24 – 48 hours. Furthermore, we also produce series products in our warehouse. This way, we can offer very short replenishment times, especially for our large clients.

By concentrating on selected suppliers within the EU, pooling demand and assigning long-term framework contracts, our partners ensure secure planning and economical production

In the field of motion control and automation manufacturers, customer specific cables are usually a result of the motivation of the whole system to be delivered. Besides the intent to link up with the spare parts business, brand creation is also a focus through all individual components. This only works if the cable manufacturing is technically reconfigured and has the customer’s label. Such a cable is customer specific.

Sometimes manufacturers avoid plug compatibility with existing components. In these cases, we support the redevelopment of the plug connector, because we are familiar with the technical problems of the industry during processing. Through our involvement at this stage, we influence the quality and price of the final cable assembly. Intelligent plug connector design makes processing safe and fast.

Precisely because manufacturers also want to transport their brand, it is necessary to offer ‘private labelling’. We achieve this by printing logos on the cable or the plug connector casing.

We have integrated cable printing into our manufacturing line, plug connectors can be printed with a tool

Germany and some of its bordering countries are a strong hold of machine and systems engineering and motion control and automation specialists. That’s why most of our customers are in this region. We also deliver our products worldwide and our sales in America and Asia are growing constantly.

Key factors are reliable availability and quick response times to all important questions of day-to-day sales, for example quotation preparation, delivery times, availability, prices etc..

With the help of our CRM system, which supersedes our fully integrated ERP system, we have permanent access to all of our relevant processes. This way, we can create offers quickly and we know at any time which task is where and with what status. To accelerate the process, more and more of our customers are using our EDI connection.

Small batch sizes and individual productions are completely processed in individual work stations or in working groups of up to six employees. For large quantity requests we have chain manufacturing processes with up to 14 employees.

To remain quick and flexible, we will also hold on to these production methods at our location in Germany in the future.

For price-sensitive needs, we are best equipped in our location in Eastern Europe.

We are being invited ever more frequently to produce for our customers in America and Asia on site. In many cases this involves daughter companies of our European customers.

By using a modern virtual server environment from leading hardware manufacturers and administration by individual specialist staff, reliable availability and data security is guaranteed at all times.
We have service contracts with our hardware and software manufacturers that enable 24/7 support.

A sophisticated access rights system is the basis for maintaining proper data protection in the company. Unauthorised access from outside is repelled with modern firewalls.

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Would you like personalised advice?

Our product expert Christian Gladis will be happy to advise you. Together we will find the right connection for you.


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Wind Energy

We`ve got the hang of it.


Renewable energy production is becoming increasingly important, especially wind turbines. With a hub height of 60 meters and 1.5 megawatts of power, wind turbines that were originally considered to be enormous are now standard and built worldwide using German technology. In order for the turbines to work perfectly as well as cost-effectively, the optimum balance between torque and speed must be found. For this, it is necessary to be able to adjust the rotor blades. It’s not enough to turn the head of the turbine into or out of the wind. In case of high wind speeds, rotor blade adjustment is an additional way to apply the brakes effectively and an important safety aspect.


All three rotor blades must always be aligned synchronously, because excessive forces can otherwise act on a single blade. This means the rotor blade adjustment must have a central control system that is also guaranteed to function even in case of power failure. To make the task even more difficult, the hub is only accessible from the outside. On the shaft of the rotor, only a few contacts are available on the slip ring for establishing a connection. A control system via the hub and accommodation of rotor blade technology in the nacelle are therefore not possible. On-site installation in the hub is not practical and economical due to the height and difficult accessibility.


The entire rotor blade adjustment system is supplied with electrical power just through the slip rings, so only a few contacts of the slip ring are necessary. A central control box coordinates the rotor blade positions, which are each adjusted by their own drive control. This includes a battery pack to maintain control capability in case of power failure. Everything is modular and ready to plug in. All connections are pre-tested on a specially designed test station with contact force monitoring, eliminating errors and ensuring fast commissioning.

The central control module connects the individual drive controls with a single connector kit in each case. These align the rotor blade with a servomotor. The pre-fabricated installation can be quickly incorporated into the hub on the ground. Supply, signals and bus are consolidated in a single robust plug connector. The rotor blade is completely installed electrically in no time.