Industrial luminaires

LED industrial luminaires: exactly fitting your requirements

LED industrial luminaires in the machine room or at the assembly station have to meet high requirements: colour fidelity, protection classes, voltage, coverage – to name just a few points.

LED luminaires for industry must fit exactly into the structural conditions. And reliably provide high-quality light for a long time. For clear vision at the workplace. Where it is needed.

We make sure of that. With a wide range of LED industrial luminaires that we produce in Germany. According to the highest quality standards. At fair prices. With personal consultation that focuses on your requirements.

Our team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of optimal machine lighting. Do not hesitate to contact us, one of our experts will get in touch with you immediately and work with you to find the optimal solution for your machine lighting.




Benefits to you

  • 400% more energy-efficient
  • Maintenance-free – no need to replace lamps
  • Constant colour – high quality LEDs
  • No spotlights despite focus
  • 60,000 hours guaranteed service life
  • Strong luminosity for 9.6 years on average
  • 24 months warranty

Our range

  • Compact, recessed, surface-mounted and linearluminaires
  • Rotatable or fixed
  • Safety glass or PMMA plastic
  • Power supply through a fixed connection or plug connector (M8/M12)
  • Hazy, clear or focused

This is what distinguishes us as a manufacturer of LED industrial luminaires

Top quality

We produce our LED industrial luminaires at our facility in Bielefeld. CE specifications and EMC tests are a matter of course for us. As a manufacturer, we carry out heat and cold tests, mechanical tests and IP and surge tests ourselves. So that you have maximum security in terms of functionality, stability and durability.

Personal consultation

Industrial luminaires for optimum machine lighting or optimum lighting at the assembly station are not changed on a whim. That is clear to everyone. Replacement or modernisation requires structural issues to be sorted out. But other adjustments are also frequently on the agenda. For this, we advise you personally – from the first inquiry to the installation. This will allow your work processes to run smoothly.

Flexible collaboration

We deliver top quality and simultaneously have a wide product range. We do not dread any comparison with our competition. Our consultation also provides you a good price. Many requirements can be met in different ways. Many variations are possible in terms of material and cooperation. We will determine your specific needs and can definitely reach an agreement.




Intelligent LED industrial luminaires

In the field of LED machine luminaires, LED signal luminaires and in the field of LED workstation luminaires, developments in the field of intelligent lighting systems equally continue to advance.

As an innovative manufacturer of LED industrial luminaires, we have also invested more and more development time in these systems in recent years.

This led to initial solutions in the field of intralogistics. Together with a leading manufacturer from this industry, we have developed the lighting system for an “intelligent fork”.

But other projects have also been added in recent years.


Our LED lighting solutions for industry

Whether it is LED machine luminaires, LED workstation luminaires, LED signal luminaires or LED special solutions as modifications of existing products or completely new developments: find out more about our solutions in the field of machine lighting, workstation lighting or from the field of signal luminaires. We also supply adaptors, connection cables and extension cables. You can also find more information in our catalogue.

Frequently asked questions about our LED industrial luminaires

We need an LED industrial luminaire with a specific protection class. What do you offer?

Special protection is required for luminaires in industrial use: against ingress of foreign bodies (code number 1) and against ingress of water (code number 2). We offer industrial luminaires with all protection classes according to DIN 40050 Part 9. There are different gradations (IP) here, which also affect the price. This is part of our consultation.

Which IP protection classes or IP classification do you have in your range?

The protection class of industrial luminaires is based on the IP classification. This is also referred to as the IP protection class. We offer all common protection classes and can also produce special designs if required. We will be happy to advise you personally. The common IP protection classes for which we receive queries are LED industrial luminaires with IP44, IP54, IP68 and IP69K.

Which protection classes do you offer?

Our 24V LED industrial luminaires have protection class III and are therefore only supplied with protective extra-low voltage. The supply voltage is thus so low that there is no danger from it. In addition to protection class III, there are also protection classes II for “protective insulation” and protection class I for “protective conductors”.

A 24V or 230V LED industrial luminaire: which makes more sense?

LED luminaires with 24V supply voltage are the rule. But 230V LED industrial luminaires are also used. The advantage with 230V: the luminaire has additional power supply. If there is a power failure, the light is still functional.

Which covers are possible for LED industrial luminaires?

Two covers are frequently requested: a plastic cover (PMMA) and tempered glass. The type of cover also depends on the place of use. Fire safety in particular plays a role here.

LED industrial luminaire or LED industrial lamp: is there a difference here?

The term LED industrial luminaire refers to the entire luminaire with all its components. The LED industrial lamp is the illuminant, i.e. the respective lamp that is used. However, the two terms are also sometimes used as synonyms.


Three advantages of LED technology for industrial luminaires

Better light, better work – for many years to come: LED industrial luminaires improve daily work processes in the machine room or at the assembly station. We describe three of the many advantages here.



We guarantee a service life of 60,000 hours for our LED luminaires. The service life is considered to have expired as soon as the light intensity drops below 70 percent. The luminaire therefore does not fail immediately, but the luminous intensity decreases. In 3-shift operation over five days per week, we thus guarantee a luminosity of over 70 % for 9.6 years. As a rule, the luminaires thus outlive the system in which they are installed.



Colour fidelity plays an essential role for a clear view at the point of use. The first question here is whether white or multi-coloured (RGBW luminaires) illumination is required. Colour fidelity is a major advantage of LEDs. Our LED luminaires have good colour rendering, i.e. Ra >80 or CRI >80. The wavelength is in the range between 400nm and 800nm.



LEDs provide a uniform and flicker-free light. This puts less strain on the eyes. You become fatigued much more slowly. The beam angle is 120 degrees unless otherwise specified. The luminosity is generated via many small LEDs and not just via a single light source. This way, there are far fewer shadows, for example from the hand when performing a work step. This results in fewer errors during the workday.