Industrial Luminaires

Perfect view with LED industrial luminaires

With our know-how we develop and manufacture LED Industrial and machine lights with highest quality at our facility in Bielefeld. What is a standard phrase for many manufacturers, which should never be missing in a catalogue, is a philosophy for us – Because we live quality!

That begins with our incoming goods inspection, because we check every shipment and if just one item is defect we ship the whole delivery back to our supplier. For many CE is just a self-declaration – for us it is a self-commitment! Every product is proven according to the CE-specifications and documented. We take the topic EMC very seriously! Because of that we don’t sell any product which hasn’t passed the EMC-test in the laboratory – we can prove that! All assembled luminaires are one hundred percent tested, before they are being packed.

In terms of quality we don’t make any compromises! We do Heat-and cold tests, mechanical tests and IP- as well as overvoltage tests by ourselves and bring all components to their limit to tell you with a good feeling “we develop and manufacture LED-luminaires with highest quality!”

We offer you an extensive range of industrial and machine luminaires featuring state-of-the art LED technology. With protection classes from IP40 to IP69K our luminaires are suitable for applications with environments from dust to high pressure cleaning. With 24V- and 230V-luminaires, as well as 12 to 30V voltage range we cover an extraordinary amount of industrial applications. With safety glass-, PMMA-Cover and PU-casting our luminaires are very versatile in use and fulfil in addition to the use in machine tools also the requirements in the food and beverage sector, like for example the FDA-conformity.

Your advantages

  • 400% more energy-efficient
  • Maintenance-free – no change of illuminants
  • Colour constancy – LEDs with quality
  • No spotlights, but optics

Our scope

  • Compact-, Recessed-and Surface Mounted Luminaires
  • Turnable and static mounting
  • Safety glass or acrylic glass
  • Power supply by cable or M8/M12 connector
  • Coverage optional diffuse, clear or optics
Catalogue of LED industrial luminaires

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