Renewable Energy

We can´t change the wind, but we can put the sails differently.


In modern wind turbines and solar power plants the requirements to the electrical installations are extremely high. With equipping far over 4000 turbines per year, SANGEL® Systemtechnik provides all necessary experience in this field.

Similar to the classical machine building, the degree of automation in the technology of wind energy and solar power plants has increased over the last years. To be able to position the rotor blades of a wind turbine for optimum usage of wind or the mirrors of solar systems for optimum collection of sunrays, modern drive technology with the superordinate automation components are required.

Due to the fact that this technology is often built in areas with very extreme climate conditions, the requirements towards the electrical installation are extremely high. Very high or very low ambient temperature as also aggressive sea water air or ultra-violet light, for example, strain the used components and systems above average. Complete supply: from connection lines for the repositioning of the rotor blades, complex system solutions for complete loop control to cable assemblies for energy distribution and interconnections, SANGEL® is a complete-supplier for this field.

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