Customized cable assemblies

Some constructions require special cables as standard items are not suitable. We create tailor-made cable assemblies for your individual situation.

We design and manufacture a variety of customer-specific special solutions. In particular, these include:

  • Modified standard cables to withstand high mechanical stress, for example
  • Special cables for components of different manufacturers that are to be combined with each other
  • System-independent cable assemblies

In order to offer the optimum solution, even in very difficult applications, such as very high or very low ambient temperatures or aggressive environmental conditions, we work closely together with the resarch and development department of cable factories ans plug connector manufacturers.

Your advantages

  • Individual products in series production quality
  • UL/CSA certified
  • CAD-driven design
  • Individual advice on-site

Our scope

  • Drive-, fieldbus- and control cables of all kinds
  • Interface via connector or terminal box
  • Delivered as set or single piece
  • Actuator/sensor-connector, heavy duty connectors or motor connectors
  • Pneumatic – for advanced systems
Support and advice

Do you like to learn more about our products? Just get in touch with us:

+49 521 91175-0