Mobile Automation

The most revolutionary development is the human creativity.


Agricultural machines, municipal vehicles or building machines are being developed with more and more technical additional equipment, which need to be connected with high class, electrical interconnections. SANGEL® Systemtechnik is also a specialist in this field.

Whether the controlling of electro-hydraulic cutter bars with cutting edge drive technology for harvesting vehicles, the electronic control of seed drills and fertilizer spreading equipment, laser based 3D measurement systems for levelling out with asphalt spreaders, track driven vehicles or with the electro-hydraulic control, including the safety technology of municipal waste vehicles – to decrease production costs and to increase product efficiency, “mobile automation” has played a bigger role throughout the last two decades.

Due to the sometimes extremely dirty work atmosphere, weather-related influences like very high or very low temperatures and moisture, as well as strong vibrations, the electrical installation components are highly strained. SANGEL® has been a reliable partner in the development and production of reliable and durable installation systems in many projects since many years.

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