Our new LR40 and LR70 are ready!

Its variety of features and configuration options, such as different light temperatures, cover types, optics and length variants make the LR40 and LR70 a genuine all-rounder among industrial luminaires. Naturally, eco mode is an integral part of our new models. The position of the rotatable fastening elements allows an easy change of often used machine lights with a 40mm and 70mm circular shape, without any design change in the machine. Up to four of LR40 715 and up to three of LR70 1070 can be cascaded. Machines can therefore be illuminated over a larger space with just one power source.

Optionally the new models can be complemented with a focussing lens which is available with 30 or 60 degrees optics. The use of diffuse safety glass enables the homogeneous light distribution despite the focus of the light. Thus the LR40 and LR70 are best for the illumination of specific areas within a machine.

Made of robust materials such as anodised aluminium and safety glass, and bonded with an extremely chemically resistant adhesive, the LR-series is not only impermeable to splashing water, metal chips or lubricating oils, but also all common cooling lubricants used in mechanical and plant engineering. This makes the LR40 and LR70 ideal for machine tool manufacturing.

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