From now on our machine luminaires ELN and SL are available with new features!

We have given our ELN and SL a proper upgrade, which brings us up to date with the latest technology. We combine numerous advantages in just one product and reintroduce our ELN and SL as true Allrounders.

Nowadays, the efficiency of a conventional LED machine luminaire is approximately 80-85 percent. Our efficiency is 95 percent! In addition to less power consumption and higher loop-through capability, the low temperature development due to the significantly reduced power consumption is particularly remarkable. The result – at up to +70°C, we guarantee a service life of at least 60,000 hours.

More light is not always better. If the machine operator feels blinded by too much light, even the best coverage and focusing won’t help. For such cases, our luminaires can be dimmed continuously from 20 to 100 percent via a 2-10 V analog signal and therefore adjusted to the needs on site. With a voltage range of 12-30 V, the possible areas of application of the ELN and SL expand significantly.

So they are suitable for assembly vehicles or forklift cabins, among others. If you want to know more, here you can find the overview of our LED industrial luminaires.


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